Market Education

We bring deep industry expertise, buyer insights data and fresh perspectives to the conversations around work and technology. 

Market education isn't just about the content you create and sponsor; it is also about the internal education you offer to your internal teams to stay up to date on market changes and buyer needs. 

For practitioner-facing market education, we produce market landscape reports, category guides, and trends reports for the market at no cost to practioners. 

Our internal market education includes supporting sales enablement and other teams on market trends, competitive landscape discussions, and buyer persona training during new hire sessions, boot camps, SKO, and other offsites along with custom workshops on innovation, consensus building and many of our strategic enagements. 

The Aspect43 team of analysts and researchers cover the full HCM industry, watching over 90 current and emerging technology categories, conducting 200 briefings annually, running our proprietary insights at work research, and following consumer and technical trends that will impact work.

How We Support You

  • Published Content

    • A43 Collective Program
    • Custom Content - Cobranded & Whitelabel
    • Blogs, Case Studies, Events
  • Customer Education

    • User Conferences - Fireside Chats, Speaking, Hosting
    • Webinars
    • Roadshows
  • Internal Education

NEW!!!! Join the A43 Collective - $25,000

Our collective members hold a strategic position in working closely with our analyst team to share what they are seeing with clients or their own data, to help shape our research agenda and allowing us to provide all of our research to the market at no cost. 

In return, each member receives

  • Logo featured on all our agenda and quick-hit content
  • Discounted rates on custom content and market education aligned with agenda content
  • Licensed distribution rights for the duration of their participation. This not only establishes them as advocates for free market education but also equips most teams with an arsenal of 8-12 additional reports that can serve as powerful lead magnets and touchpoints throughout the year for the price of a whitepaper bundle

Discounted rates for startups and point solutions under 10m ARR

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