Market Alignment

Strategic Clarity & Perpective

Our most popular project for executive teams and investors takes a holistic look at the business (or business line) - identifying gaps, opportunities, and differentiators that could be adjusted for increased revenue, retention, and engagement. 

For previous clients, the outcomes have led to clear strategic direction, increased revenue & customer retention, investments, and multiple acquisitions as both the buyer and seller. 

These low-lift projects can require as little as 5 hours of time from your team and have a normal turnaround of under 30 days. Projects start at $20,000 and average around $50,000.

Usually completed as a single project, this can be subdivided into a GTM/Positioning Alignment, Marketing Alignment, or Product Alignment. Each will retain a holistic look, but the focus and depth will vary. The results are often used by internal teams and external partners. 

The Aspect43 Approach

Our exclusive market alignments take a holistic approach providing you an executive overview with actionable insights & details to identify easy and long term shifts.

  • Market Alignment Assessment

How It Works

  • 1

    Kick Off & Discovery Session

    Our initial conversations with your leadership team help us know more about you - where you would like to be, where you think you currently are, and what you have identified as areas of opportunity.

    We use this discovery meeting to learn more about your vision, goals, and expectations for the business - including a lot of conversation around category and positioning, competitors, and concerns. 

  • 2

    Discovery Analysis

    Our internal time is spent assessing your category selection, positioning, messaging, ICP, and M&A strategy as it aligns with your vision, the market, and the rest of the business activities. We look at this from an analyst and buyer perspective.

    We also review all of the documentation and metrics available for a more cohesive understanding. 

  • 3

    Buyer Experience

    In this phase, we meet with your sales and solution consulting team to fully understand how the product is sold through 1-2 product demos. It is in this phase that we identify areas in demos, product roadmaps, or positioning language during the sales process that lead to challenges - especially when moving upmarket or into new categories. 

    Finally, we review the end of the buyer experience journey and the start of the customer journey with implementation and customer success evaluations. This is where most companies have hidden challenges.

  • 4

    Product Review

    In this phase, we provide a look at the product from a buyer perspective, through demos and product gap analysis. We try to identify any differentiators, opportunities, and key gaps for the category you are positioned in, along with potential categories you would be better positioned to compete in directly or indirectly

    We review the product strategy, including roadmap, integrations, and buy/build/partner discussions, and review your customer request list for trends or outstanding issues that may not be surfacing in the day-to-day. 

  • 5

    Customer & Employee Feedback

    Most companies choose to include focus groups, customer interviews, prospect feedback sessions and most importantly - internal innovation sessions and workshops to get a true understanding of the drivers and emotions of all parties. 

    This content is often the most valuable, supporting the rest of the findings and providing commentary and increasing internal support for change.

  • 6

    Findings Session

    In our final phase, we meet with your leadership team to share what we found and walk through our assessment so you have plenty of time for questions and clarification. These sessions are usually 90mins with Q&A and discussion, not just a presentation of results.

    This is followed by the delivery of the findings, recommendations, and next steps

Innovation Sessions

Our innovation workshops are group sessions we spend together during or after the process to help your team get a handle on the current market both inside and outside your category, share opinions and ideas freely, and answer any questions about possible new directions of growth. While they are offered as a standalone, we often include them with a market alignment. 

This is a progressive program - it starts with current HR Tech trends and the current market landscape to level set. Then we break into smaller, functional-based discussions without executive leadership present to talk about the current strategy, customer and buyer pushback, and what is/isn’t working with all aspects of the company. 

We will continue these sessions with encouraging conversations around positioning, strategy, and sales/retention approaches along with product innovation. 

For some, workshops look at ideas and areas of interest for the team and how those align with the market, playing around with different concepts and what-if scenarios. 

Most companies (and employees) find this to be the highlight and their favorite part of any project we do. 

What our Clients Say

  • We would have gone to market and been crushed by things we didn’t even know, we didn’t know.

    CEO, Talent Management Vendor
  • (Their) boundless energy is infectious and anyone who works with Sarah will be moved and schooled, completely, all for the betterment of the business.

    President, HR Tech Vendor
  • True strategic partners. Combines research & market knowledge and makes them tangible for HR leaders, service providers, and industry.

    Marketing & Strategy Executive, Enterprise HCM Vendor
  • HCM Business Leaders who are tasked with growing brands will value the empathy for the buyer and clarity & knowledge of the space to inform their strategy

    CMO, Enterprise HCM Vendor
  • (They are) a catalyst, if wanting to maintain status quo, don’t hire them.

    VP, Enterprise Sales
  • Sarah’s voice is sought after because of strategic and tactical advice that can be applied in the field. 

    VP, Strategy
  • When needing to know a deeper knowledge of market trends and viewpoints, Aspect32 is the top of my list. 

    Director, Product Management - Global Enterprise Tech

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