Market Insights & Research

Industry insights for Investors, Vendors, HR Leaders & Events

When done correctly, research surveys, focus groups, and feedback sessions provide you with strategic insights, competitive intelligence, thought leadership, sound bites for PR, product strategies, and clear direction for your team. 

When it isn’t, you may get data but without the value of insight.

Our approach is crafted around providing a true voice to the customer and prospect while blending primary and secondary research – ours, yours, and consumer research trends – with a deep understanding of the market and the goal of providing a real understanding and actionable insights people can use. 

Insights at Work is our flagship research, designed with CMOs, CPOs & and CROs - as well as HR practitioners and Business Leaders - to gain insights from thousands of companies each year, from small businesses to global F10. 

All research access membership includes full benchmarking/custom research for your audience, buyers, prospects and clients. 

Custom Research Options

We work with teams to bring the voice of the customer and employee into their product, sales, and growth strategy.

  • Qualitative Research

    • Customer Interviews
    • Focus Groups
    • Persona/ICP Defining
    • Product/UX Feedback
  • Quantitative Research

    • Custom Survey
    • Survey Planning
    • Survey Execution
    • Secondary Research
  • Internal Research

    • Executive Sessions
    • Competitive Alignment
    • Department Alignment
    • Product Innovation

Insights at Work Research

CMO, CRO & CPO's have partnered to design our flagship research to answer the questions you need to drive strategic change - include the benchmarking for answers direct to your customers and prospects. 

  • Company Trends

    • Top Company Concerns
    • Employee Expectations & Concerns
    • Goals & Challenges for using HR tech
  • Buyer Insights

    • Content and events they are looking for
    • What makes them decide to sign the contract with you
    • Biggest Frustrations w/ the Sales Process
  • Market Shifts

    • Market movement (First time buy & Replacements)
    • Buyer Uncertainty Ratings
    • Buyers Disinterest or Confusion - areas with high need for education content

Insights Survey: 

Exclusive Benchmark Option

Our benchmarking option runs twice a year and allows companies, at no cost, to get custom responses from their market segments depending on the number of responses

It is simple to do, less than 10 minutes for your customers/prospects, and provides valuable insights for the entire organization to get more targeted and strategic with their approaches.  

Some recent findings from benchmarking:

  • VC was able to understand the gaps of their portfolio clients and then work with us to improve market alignment using data driven approachs and increase revenue across multiple investments. 
  • New marketing approach resulted in ideal metrics, but less than 17% of the prospects had any involvement in the influence or buying process
  • 47% of a companies clients were looking at a product replacement in the next 12 months due to customer service and integration issues. 
  • Organizations product gap was in the category where more than 70% of its current customers were buying in the next 12 month, they acquired a solution and were able to sell it directly in, increasing revenue and reducing potential churn
  • Large conference was able to understand what buyers were looking at and shift their content to meet the attendee needs 

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