Strategy & Innovation for HR Tech Vendors

Finally, a consulting & advisory firm focused on the unique needs of solution providers & investors in HRTech & WorkTech

Taking Tech & Tech Enabled Solutions to the Next Level.

Our clients partner with us to make better decisions, better understand the market, drive growth, and improve profitability.

We aren't here to create cookie-cutter products or teams. We help tech companies become an enhanced version of who they are - while gaining revenue, product adoption, retention, customer satisfaction and market share in the process.

Our deep industry experience has helped more than 300 HR Tech providers & investment teams from pre-launch start ups to global enterprise players quickly identify and solve growth challenges, make strategic investments & become market leaders.

How We Work

  • Market Alignment

    • Positioning & GTM
    • Product Market Fit
    • Buyer Journey
    • Competitive Landscape
  • Innovation Workshops

    • Ideation & Insights
    • Employee Engagement
    • Cross-Function Planning
    • Change Management
  • M&A, Investment

    • VC, PE, Strategic Support
    • Pre/Post Term Diligence
    • Target Strategy & Advisory
    • Post-Acquisition Strategy
  • Advisory & Coaching Services

    We partner with a limited number of executives and teams for ongoing support, market insights and as a sounding board for decisions.

  • Market Feedback

    Get the qualitative of quantitative data from market, prospects or clients through focus groups. feedback sessions & targeted surveys.

What our Clients Say

  • We would have gone to market and been crushed by things we didn’t even know, we didn’t know.

    CEO, Talent Management Vendor
  • (Their) boundless energy is infectious and anyone who works with Sarah will be moved and schooled, completely, all for the betterment of the business.

    President, HR Tech Vendor
  • True strategic partners. Combines research & market knowledge and makes them tangible for HR leaders, service providers, and industry.

    Marketing & Strategy Executive, Enterprise HCM Vendor
  • HCM Business Leaders who are tasked with growing brands will value the empathy for the buyer and clarity & knowledge of the space to inform their strategy

    CMO, Enterprise HCM Vendor
  • (They are) a catalyst, if wanting to maintain status quo, don’t hire them.

    VP, Enterprise Sales
  • Sarah’s voice is sought after because of strategic and tactical advice that can be applied in the field. 

    VP, Strategy
  • When needing to know a deeper knowledge of market trends and viewpoints, Aspect32 is the top of my list. 

    Director, Product Management - Global Enterprise Tech

Our Key Projects

Market Alignment

You know you need to make some changes, but you're not quite sure where to start. That's where we come in. 

Our industry leading market alignment projects take a holistic look at the business (or business line) - from Positioning and GTM to Product Strategy - to provide a outside in approach for new leadership, investors, or for companies looking for gaps, opportunities and differentiators.

The outcomes have led to clear strategic direction, increased revenue & customer retention, investments and multiple acquisitions. 

We offer modified approaches when working exlusively with the marketing, sales and product teams. 

Innovation Workshops

We help you find hidden gems within your company that can help you innovate and grow

Our workshops have helped dozens of vendors create cross-functional innovation often missed in the day to day. Helping identify new paths to success resulting in improved productivity, customer satisfaction, brand awareness, shorter sales cycles, and product strategy tweaks.

For companies post-acquisition, with new leadership or a shift in direction planned, these can support the changes and to build consensus and inclusion of employees.

M&A, Investment Support


We're here to help you make the best decisions for your investments - pre and post-term.

We're your partner in investment and acquisition decisions - from due diligence to post-acquisition strategy & retainer based services for your entire client portfolio. We identify risk and opportunity and show options to overcome should you decide to move forward or need to course correct an investment. We also work with a select number of organizations looking to be acquired or get investment. 

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a team of experts in your corner that have worked with angel investors to 100m+ rounds or M&A on 3 continents.

We are Here to Help

Send us an email, or book some time to talk more. We love seeing what companies of all stages are up to!