Research & Content Agenda: 2022

Our research agenda is built each year by conversations we have with business leaders, HR teams, investors and innovations we are seeing in HRTech.  

Survey and reports are added in through the year based on timely topics and findings.  

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  • Market Guides

    These are longer reports that deep dive into a segment of the #HRTech Market, including a Tech Stack, Category Definitions and some Business Impact Insights to build an ROI

  • Whitepapers

    These are 10-15 page reports on a specific topic or category of tools. We do a bit deeper dive than our Market Guides on a specific area of HR and are usually providing more focused insights.  

  • Analyst Insights

    These shorter reports (3-7 pages) are typically timely topics about something newsworthy that has happened, new technology or categories or a trends we are seeing and how they impact HR.   

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A43 Membership

Our guides and main content is underwritten by our A43 membership and lead sponsors.  

In additon, there are some custom market insights available only to these partners. 

Custom Research & Content

We love to partner with tech companies that are doing interesting things, looking for market research or have found a unique business impact with their technology and want to create a whitepaper or market brief about it help help educate the market.  

Our Other Favorite Topics

In addition to our core calendar, we are working on these as custom content or are thinking about doing a report on. Want something else? Let us know! 

  • Talent Acquisition

    • Re-Recruiting/Internal Sourcing
    • Sourcing for Diversity
    • Next-Gen Hiring Assessments
    • Recruiting Automation & AI
  • Talent Management

    • Engagement in Hourly Workforce
    • Financial Wellness at Work
    • Onboarding after the Hire
    • Owning Work: Careerpathing & Mobility
  • Pay & Core

    • Executive Insights & People Analytics
    • Digital Adoption Platforms
    • Guide to Small Business Payroll
    • Earned Wage Access

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What our Clients Say

  • We would have gone to market and been crushed by things we didn’t even know, we didn’t know.

    CEO, Talent Management Vendor
  • (Their) boundless energy is infectious and anyone who works with Sarah will be moved and schooled, completely, all for the betterment of the business.

    President, HR Tech Vendor
  • True strategic partners. Combines research & market knowledge and makes them tangible for HR leaders, service providers, and industry.

    Marketing & Strategy Executive, Enterprise HCM Vendor
  • HCM Business Leaders who are tasked with growing brands will value the empathy for the buyer and clarity & knowledge of the space to inform their strategy

    CMO, Enterprise HCM Vendor
  • (They are) a catalyst, if wanting to maintain status quo, don’t hire them.

    VP, Enterprise Sales
  • Sarah’s voice is sought after because of strategic and tactical advice that can be applied in the field. 

    VP, Strategy
  • When needing to know a deeper knowledge of market trends and viewpoints, Aspect32 is the top of my list. 

    Director, Product Management - Global Enterprise Tech

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