Market Research

Getting the Voice of the Market, Customer & Employee. 

When done correctly, research surveys, focus groups, and feedback sessions provide you with thought leadership, sound bites for PR, competitive intelligence, and clear strategic direction for your team. 

When it isn’t, you may get data, but without the value of insight.

Our approach is crafted around blending primary and secondary research – ours, yours, and consumer research trends – with stories to build real understanding and actionable insights that people can use.

Here's What We Are Great At

  • Qualitative Research

    • Customer Interviews
    • Focus Groups
    • Persona/ICP Defining
    • Product/UX Feedback
  • Quantitative Research

    • Custom Survey
    • Survey Design
    • Survey Execution
    • Secondary Research
  • Internal Research

    • Executive Sessions
    • Competitive Products
    • Market Intel
    • Employee Product Insighs

The Aspect43 Research Approach

  • Aspect43 Market Research SaaS HRTech

What our Clients Say

  • We would have gone to market and been crushed by things we didn’t even know, we didn’t know.

    CEO, Talent Management Vendor
  • (Their) boundless energy is infectious and anyone who works with Sarah will be moved and schooled, completely, all for the betterment of the business.

    President, HR Tech Vendor
  • True strategic partners. Combines research & market knowledge and makes them tangible for HR leaders, service providers, and industry.

    Marketing & Strategy Executive, Enterprise HCM Vendor
  • HCM Business Leaders who are tasked with growing brands will value the empathy for the buyer and clarity & knowledge of the space to inform their strategy

    CMO, Enterprise HCM Vendor
  • (They are) a catalyst, if wanting to maintain status quo, don’t hire them.

    VP, Enterprise Sales
  • Sarah’s voice is sought after because of strategic and tactical advice that can be applied in the field. 

    VP, Strategy
  • When needing to know a deeper knowledge of market trends and viewpoints, Aspect32 is the top of my list. 

    Director, Product Management - Global Enterprise Tech

We are Here to Help

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