Membership with Impact

Our company-based membership programs are designed to support your full product, go-to-market, marketing, and sales teams with exclusive market and buyer research, vendor-focused education events, templates & process documents, quarterly trends watch emails, and more.

  • Market Insights

    • Buyer Research
    • Custom Benchmarking
    • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Brand Awareness

    • Content Distribution
    • Research Options
    • Influencer Events
  • Strategic Support

    • Analyst Team Meetings
    • Downloadable Templates
    • M&A Match List
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  • A43 Startup

    Designed for early-stage, pre-series A companies with less than 1m ARR in revenue. Includes 4 advisory sessions.
  • A43 Connect

    For companies under 50m ARR. Includes semi-annual analyst briefing sessions.
  • A43 Enterprise

    Full Suite and Enterprise Solutions for vendors over 50m ARR. Includes quarterly analyst sessions.
  • A43 Partner

    Limited to 15 companies, includes connect membership and underwriting of our market guides with licensed distribution.
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Membership in Detail

Our clients range from idea-stage startups to global enterprise technologies. All advisory members receive:

Exclusive Buyer Behavior & Trends Report

Our annual research surveys more than 3,000 Business Leaders, HR Practioners & Employees about trends, concerns and goals. As part of this we look at buyer decision making, sales engagement and index more than 70 categories of HR Technology on market movement, buyer uncertainty and category disinterest. 

Customer/Prospect Feedback

Compare how your audience benchmarks against the market to help see how your positioning, marketing and sales are doing - and where you may need to adjust. Get valuable data on their buying trends to assess retention risk, identify buy/build/partner opportunities & determine new markets. 

Content Distribution on HRTechCircle

You work hard on your events, downloadable content and press releases - make sure you get them in front of as many people as possible. HRTechCircle is a new site designed to connect vendors and practitioners directly for brand awareness and lead generation. 

Category Shift and Trend Updates

Each level of support includes a quarterly trend update newsletter highlighting key investment, acquisitions, hires and evenets. You also have some level of 1:1 time for you to ask questions and support your internal teams around GTM, Event, Product or M&A strategy. 

M&A Match List

Our member exclusive m&a match list is a confidential way to stay open to investment or acquistion conversations if the right type of company comes across our path for an intro. 

Templates & Guides

Coming in Summer 2023, have access to more than 30 functional templates and guides to support your marketing, GTM, Analyst Relations and more.  

Market Alignment Baseline Option

Our members have the option to add on a baseline market alignment assessment at the discounted rate of $15,000 for a holistic look at their organization and an external audit complete with prioritization feedback. Assessment looks at Brand, GTM, Sales Demo, Product, Analyst/Influencer Relations and more.

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