Market Education & Thought Leadership

We bring deep industry expertise, buyer insights data and fresh perspectives to the conversations around work and technology. 

Research, Events & Content Making a Difference

Market education isn't just about the content you create and sponsor; it is also about the internal education you offer to your internal teams to stay up to date on market changes and buyer needs. 

In addition to speaking at conferences, user events, customer workshops and focus groups, we produce 4 market landscape reports each year along with a very limited number (6) of custom sponsored insights reports/whitepapers.

We work with vendors to support internal market education on market trends,buyer behavior and competitive landscape discussions during their SKO, QBR, new hire sessions, bookcamps, and other team events. 

How We Support You

  • Content

    • Research Agenda Sponsorships
    • Custom Reports - Limit 6 Annually
    • Webinars & Customer Events
  • Market Feedback

    • Custom Surveys
    • Focus Groups & Feedback Sessions
    • Internal Market Education Programs for New Hires, SKO, or offsites
  • Events

    • User Conferences - Speaking, Panel Moderation
    • Fireside Chats & Roundtable Support
    • Executive Summits

The most important things to know

When done correctly, research surveys, focus groups and custom reports provides you with thought leadership, sound bites for PR, competitive intelligence, and strategic direction for your team. When it isn’t, you may get data, but without the value of insight.

Our approach is crafted around primary and secondary research – ours, yours and consumer research trends – and blends that data and stories to build real understanding and actionable insights that people can use.

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