Strategic & Financial Investors

We don’t just comment on HR technology investment, we help make it happen. 

The market is moving fast.
We help you move faster.

Our experience and historical understanding of the market is a huge benefit to those both looking to enter the WorkTech market as well as the established teams looking to expand their portfolio.


With our integrated research & strategy divisions, we know what buyers are looking for, why vendors struggle, and the red flags investors often miss.



Solution providers, private equity investors, venture teams, and investment firms use our advisory and consulting services as a trusted sounding board on market insights, trends, and feedback. From helping to identify acquisition targets, to supporting leadership teams post-transition, to helping new owners maximize their investment, we’ve been a part of all of it.


How We Work with Investment Teams

We work with investment teams throughout the investment lifecycle, from deciding where to invest, to getting the best return, to monitoring the ongoing market for new opportunities.


We work with teams prior to investment to better understand the markets they are looking to enter, identify or review potential targets, and provide deep-dive analysis of products to identify growth opportunities and challenges prior to investment. We can also make introductions.


After an investment is made strategic decisions need to be accessed.  When growth isn't accelerating as planned or something seems "off " this is where we shine. We work closely to identify positioning, product & organizational challenges impacting revenue, scaling and adoption. 

Ongoing Advisory

When market insights, advice, or general feedback is needed we offer advisory solutions on-demand or on retainer.  Through our relationships with hundreds of solution providers, & our own start-up incubator cohort, we have ideas on how the market is moving & who is looking to buy or sell.

Where You've Seen Us.

Some of our favoirte media & speaking events.

Our Expertise

Global Reach

We have worked with more than 500 HCM vendors and investors from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia over the last 15 years on research, positioning, product, and broader strategy.

Domain Experts

We have worked at and led teams at HR tech vendors, leading industry analyst firms, and as practitioners with experience in more than 35 existing and emerging HR and Work tech categories.

Recognized Influencers

Our executive team has presented at events globally, and have been featured by The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Huffington Post, HR Executive; and been named global influencers by more than 100 publications over the last decade.

Market Connection

We use our depth of expertise, understanding market, and buyer nuances, and a holistic approach to quickly identify challenges that impact sales, product adoption, and customer satisfaction.

Data Experts

We know survey methodology and data analysis. We ask the right questions and share the data in clear and compelling visuals and prose that translate business needs into concrete action.

Growth Focused

We focus on revenue generation, improved product roadmap & increased customer adoption for clients from start-ups to global HCM players.

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