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It is time for who is influencing HR & WorkTech to change.

Only 23%
HR Leaders said they were happy with their HR software.

As if there isn’t enough pressure in your role, there is an expectation for you to fully understand technology, be able to handle change management, hire the best talent, retain the right people and still attend conferences where a speaker who has never been a practitioner gets up and talks about how you need to be “more strategic” before trying to sell you something.

We have nothing to sell you.

Our team has worked in the trenches and inside the vendors. We know how to navigate the gap and understand its time the voice of the customer, prospect and user is heard loud and clear by the vendors in everything from how they design the software to the order of product roadmaps to what type of marketing content you want to get and what support and customer success should look like.

We know your value, and need your voice to change our industry.


Get involved and make change in this industry.

We use a unique approach in how we research, connect and share information.  It is always confidential and it is always to make sure your voice is heard inside the vendors offices. 

Change looks different for everyone.  If you aren’t quite ready to share, but want to make change inside your company – check out our ever growing resource library and get the latest insights and information from multiple sources all in one place.  For free.  Nothing to pay for here. 

We run a few surveys each year to gather market insights for ourselves, our members and YOU!  Your feedback gives you access to see how you benchmark against other companies respond and helps us provide the reports and content that is top of mind for your team.

Did I mention this is paid?  For some clients we need a bit more detail to help them out.  These 1:1 interviews or focus groups gather feedback on things like new logos and messaging to product roadmaps to what you are finding challenging as a professional today.   

You will get an invitation to participate, know up front what the topic is and what the compensation is and it is totally your choice if you are interested or want to wait for the next one. 

If you don’t want the compensation we will make a donation to charity in your name.  

If your team needs a speaker for an upcoming event or you would like some unbiased feedback around your HR tech stack, industry trends or really great vacation spots reach out. 

If our team can’t help you we will connect you with someone that can. 

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