About Us

We are changing the world of work by educating the market on a better way to build, sell, buy and adopt technology. 

Our company is about changing the world of work through access to information.

Technology is only as good as the strategy and intent behind it, but that goes beyond the corporate users and directly to how vendors market, build and support the technology.

Better educated practitioners make strategic decisions quicker in the sales process, have higher adoption rates, and show better ROI for their company.

Our solution provider members believe in this philosophy of improved market education and are focused on building a new generation of work technology through better interaction with end-users. They have a focus on improving the experiences of their prospects, clients, partners as well as their own employees.

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Our Executive Team

A company is only as good as the leadership behind it. Aspect43 has a great team behind it with lots of “best of” lists mentions, name-brand media appearances, and some pretty impressive former employers. Which is all really cool. But what is actually the coolest thing about them is they are genuinely good people that have a passion to change the world of work and have committed themselves to the idea of change on a global scale. We believe that to change, we have to do things differently than everyone else. 

Sarah White

Founder& CEO

I founded Aspect43 because I knew to really make systemic change in how we work – technology was going to have to be a driving force.  To make the best technology we needed the users – not influencers – calling the shots.  But it was bigger than what I can do alone so today I spend a lot of my time enabling superstars from our core three teams – Research, Innovation and Strategy & Membership – to excel at what they love to do so we can help you change the world of work.

Mollie Lombardi

Chief Research Officer

My career bridging consulting, research, technology, and entrepreneurship, along with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and data, have left me with one certainty. Our humanity cannot be denied, even—and perhaps especially—at work. 

Where You've Seen Us.

Some of our favoirte media & speaking events.

Are you looking for a speaker or presenter at your next event?

Sarah & Mollie both speak on topics related to tech, work, life and the intersection of all.

Our Expertise

Global Reach

We have worked with more than 500 HCM vendors and investors from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia over the last 15 years on research, positioning, product, and broader strategy.

Domain Experts

We have worked at and led teams at HR tech vendors, leading industry analyst firms, and as practitioners with experience in more than 35 existing and emerging HR and Work tech categories.

Recognized Influencers

Our executive team has presented at events globally, and have been featured by The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Huffington Post, HR Executive; and been named global influencers by more than 100 publications over the last decade.

Market Connection

We use our depth of expertise, understanding market, and buyer nuances, and a holistic approach to quickly identify challenges that impact sales, product adoption, and customer satisfaction.

Data Experts

We know survey methodology and data analysis. We ask the right questions and share the data in clear and compelling visuals and prose that translate business needs into concrete action.

Growth Focused

We focus on revenue generation, improved product roadmap & increased customer adoption for clients from start-ups to global HCM players.